Welcome to the Fun and Sex-y Club where we put the fun into sex! We hold the best swinger parties, sex parties and lifestyle events in Los Angeles and Southern California and are located in the San Fernando Valley. We serve to all the surrounding counties in California as well. We are a private group dedicated to developing social ties and to satisfy the need for sexual fulfilment. We do a variety of venues, from small hotel parties to large house parties of 200 people or more. When we host a large party, we have the ability to advertise to all of California and in the past, have had people from as far north as Sacramento to as far south as San Diego. We can also help you host your own private party as well. Text or call us at 818-473-9913 or fill out our contact form.

When you create a profile on our website, it allows you the availability to RSVP, buy a ticket, and see who’s going by hovering over an event. By purchasing an on line ticket it guaranties your entry to a Fun and Sex-y event. Charges will appear discreetly on your statement as ‘ML Ticketing’.

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Our mission is to bring like minded men and women together in a friendly, safe environment to indulge in their sexual fantasies. We realize there are a lot of options for you out there, sex clubs both small and large, those with membership fees, and those that have atmospheres of a club with DJ’s and dancing. We embrace all of those as they serve specific purposes and would never negate them in any way. We feel we offer something a little different, a more ambient atmosphere. You will never be barred entrance based on race, national origin or age. In addition we are not a ‘selective club’ so this means you do not need to look like Barbie or Ken to play at our parties. With that said, we do not have ‘clicks’ at our parties. In fact, we believe our parties are successful is due to the fact that we invite all kinds of sex-y people, so couples, single men and single women are all welcome. It gives everyone a chance to explore what you might never think possible. We read profiles from time to time and some of you state that you like a certain type of audience (for example a man might state that he likes to exclusively play with a couple) and that is wonderful thing, however, because we have such a wide range of attendees at our parties, you just might find yourself experimenting with something or someone new and exciting! 

We also believe our success is due to our excellent customer service. We realize that you may be new to the lifestyle and have specific questions. We quickly answer any and all questions relevant to the parties and make you feel comfortable that you choose us as your premiere Los Angeles swing party!

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Wed May 31

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